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I have to say, I like Apple products quite a bit; I have an iPhone, MacBook Pro, and an iMac, and I'm sure the iPad will end up being very successful once people get their hands on it. But in the meantime, I love this funny "iPad" image. It sums up a lot of feelings about the Apple iPad introduction:

iPad funny - the iPad introduction ... with a little duct tape

After watching the Apple iPad introduction, even an Apple fanboy (like myself) has to admit, this Steve Jobs "iPad photo" is pretty funny.

Apple iPad funny - still great design

As the former owner of a software company, I really appreciate the tons of hours Apple developers put into creating new software for the iPad, and the hardware looks excellent as well. But as I mentioned in my iPad review, without support for multi-tasking, Flash, an iPad camera, and other missing elements, the iPad comes across as nothing but a large iPod touch -- sans the camera -- and that's what this funny image captures so well.

I don't know if they created this funny iPad picture themselves, but I found this funny iPad image on a website named


Just to be clear, I think the iPad will be a very successful product, and a year from now Apple will be the ones laughing ... all the way to the bank. I do think they made a few mistakes in their product launch, leading to images like this.

First, their culture of secrecy encourages the rumor mill, and it got so out of control they couldn't possibly match the expectations.

Second, this really is just a large iPod Touch, so the general feeling after all those rumors is, "We waited this long for this? Where's the innovation?"

Third, a slightly more clever name would have helped. It's really not necessary to stay with the "i*" naming pattern, as the MacBook line has shown.

Fourth -- and very importantly -- if they actually had a product to sell this week, people would already be owning and loving this device, instead of joking about them. I'm sure the iPad will be wonderful in its own way, and will run over the Kindle as an eReader, in the same way PCs trounced single-purpose electronic typewriter devices back (the ones with the one-line screens) way back in the 1980s. My biggest concerns with it are (a) What's the price?, (b) Does it stay cool?, and (c) What's the battery life?, and (d) Will the glare make it hard to read? As long as they're in good shape there, the iPad will be at worst a terrific eReading device.

So, if Apple's stock is going to take a short-term beating over this, I'm fine with that, and I'll be glad to buy it again after the tumble.

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