Life is short, work with Ruby/Rails

For a little while yesterday I sat at a book store and flipped through several books on Ruby and Rails. I'm not the most passionate Ruby developer in the world, but I really do like the language, and prefer it at every opportunity.

Given this, my brain managed to quickly combine (a) earlier thoughts of how short life is (many of my uncles died in their 40s), with (b) wow, if I was a really passionate Ruby/Rails developer I'd sure hate working with other languages, which led to (c) how unhappy I'd be with my life if I was that passionate about Ruby but wasn't working with it.

I really used to love aerospace work, and I moved several times during my aerospace career, and I don't regret it. This leads me to (d) if programming with Ruby was really that important to me I'd be willing to move to work with Ruby/Rails if I had to (or if not move, I'd be willing to take a pay cut to stay in the same area to work with it, if possible).

The language itself really is incredibly elegant, and if you don't see it already, I think this period of time will be remembered for Ruby (and Rails) really changing the programming landscape. And if you're not working with it, you're basically sitting on the sidelines watching as the good stuff goes by.