Keep your mind open

For some reason I didn't work w/ the Mac much until last year. Actually, to be fair to myself, a lot of that probably had to do with unpleasant experiences with earlier versions of the Mac OS.

But as I was talking to a co-worker this morning I realized that it was a mistake not to spend some quality time with Mac OS X when it came out. Having worked with it for over a year now I've come to take many things for granted that it can do. The discussion this morning had to do with the power of scripting native Mac applications with AppleScript.

So my lesson for today is to be open-minded with companies and new technologies, especially when there is a fundamental change at an organization you are dealing with. Apple's switch to the NeXT operating system has turned out to be a very big positive change.

Which make me wonder: Are there other companies out there that also deserve a little bit of my exploration time? (Or, in Apple's case, deserved that time six years ago?)