How to use anonymous CVS to access a CVS repository

I can never remember the command-line syntax to access a remote CVS repository via anayonymous CVS access, so just as a reminder to myself, here are the commands I used recently to access an OpenBSD CVS repository:

cvs -d login
cvs -d get FooProject

In those commands the important things to note are:

  • The username I used to access their system is "anoncvs".
  • The full name of the host/server I accessed is "".
  • The root directory of their anonymous CVS server is "/cvs". Other systems may have a home directory named "/home/cvs", or other.
  • The name of the project I checked out was named "FooProject". (Ok, I made that name up.)

Hopefully that gives you all the information you need to check out a project from a remote CVS repository using anonymous CVS access. Those two commands (login, get) will work at the command line, and you can also use those same variables with WinCVS, or any other CVS client.