Just say no to live football games on the NFL Network

Count me in as one of the football fans who are upset about tonight's game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys being shown on the NFL Network. Okay, compared to a lot of other things this is a pretty trivial concern, but moving games to a premium cable channel sets a bad precedent. The NFL can do whatever they want, but this being America, consumers can also say "Screw you NFL", and this is your time to vote.

This would be like NBC taking Heroes and saying "You know what, this show is so popular we're going to move it to HBO (or some other premium channel) so you have to pay to watch it. Screw you America."

(Beyond that, think of how important sports were to you when you were a young kid, and then imagine not being able to see one of the best games of the year because it was on a premium cable channel. Isn't it bad enough that some of the games are already on ESPN?)

So please, when you cast your vote, please "just say no" to live NFL games being shown on the NFL Network, or any other premium channel. Be an activist: write the NFL, write your congressman, boycott the game.