Apple wireless keyboard is smaller

Apple does a lot of things very well, but one area I think they struggle with is mice and keyboards. Historically they've tried a ton of different things with mice, but today's topic is: Why does the Apple wireless keyboard have a layout that's different than a standard keyboard? As Steve Jobs might politely say, WTF?

Fortunately I didn't order one online, I went to the local Apple store, and the guy said "Sure, I'd be glad to get you one, but I want to make sure you look at it first. It has a different keyboard layout, and some people don't like it." I'm so glad he showed me this, because I would have been pissed to find out about it later.

I'm all over "innovation" and "think different", but can't you also offer a wireless keyboard with a normal layout? Offer this wireless keyboard for whoever it appeals to, and offer a normal keyboard for other people.

Given the current choices, if I do get a wireless mouse and keyboard for my new iMac, I think I'll go with the Logitech Cordless Desktop for Mac. But, I've learned my lesson, and the first thing I want to do is to get my hands on one before I buy.