Setting the Drupal front page node

Drupal front page FAQ: How do I make a Drupal page (node) the front page of my Drupal website?

Drupal front page approaches

There are several ways to control the content of your Drupal front page, but if you just want to use a Drupal node as the front page of your site, you can set this on the Site Information admin page.

In Drupal 6, just go to the URI "admin/settings/site-information", and at the very bottom of that page, in the field labeled "Default front page", just enter the Drupal node that you want to be the front page of your website.

In Drupal 7, the process is exactly the same, but the URI has changed to "admin/config/system/site-information". (Instead of using this URI you can just use the menu system; just look under Site Information.)

For instance, the main page of my website is currently "node/2", so I just went to the URL, entered this value in the "Default front page" field, and that page immediately became my front page.

Drupal front page node: Finding the name of the node

If you're not sure what the name of the node is that you want to display on your front page, it's easy to find. You can do at least two different things to find this node.

What I did in my case was to list all my content on my site by going to "admin/content/node", and then hovering over the "Edit" link for the Page I wanted to make my front page. By looking at that link, I could see that the page I wanted to be my front page was "node/2".

Second, if you're already looking at the page you want to display on the front page of your site, you can see the same information in the URL field of your browser. Again, in my case, I would either see "node/2", or in my case, since I am using all the Token modules, I can also see this URL as "book/june-5th-moving-cabin", and while I didn't use that relative URL, I believe I could have and it would have worked just fine.