Early Alpha release of our Agile GUI Testing software

Automated GUI Testing Software: If you happen to be looking for something to do this weekend, here's a very early release of our free (GPL) Agile GUI Testing software (AGT).

In short, just download the file below, and when you un-tar it, it will create a "scripts" folder. That folder contains our GUI testing software, along with two sample scripts. If you'd like to see how the sample scripts work, they are shown in this two-minute YouTube video (Agile GUI testing, basic demo).


Please be very careful when using this automated GUI testing software!

Running an automated robot on any computer system is a dangerous thing to do. You can easily type or click in the wrong place, which can wreak all sorts of havoc on your computer. If possible, use a test computer, especially one that has a user account with very limited privileges on the computer and network.

I have not tested this yet on Windows or Linux, so if something appears very wrong, quit using the software, and please let me know about the problem. (I'll get to Windows and Linux as soon as I can.)

I think this software can be very useful, but as mentioned, it can also be very dangerous.


As mentioned in earlier Agile GUI Testing articles (Sample GUI testing script, and eXtreme Software GUI testing), you'll need JRuby to run this software. If you don't already have JRuby installed, just download it from the JRuby.org website, and install it as described there.

You'll also need a version of Java installed ... probably Java 1.5 or newer ... I need to check on the exact requirements. Hopefully most systems have Java installed these days. You just need the JRE, not the full-blown JDK/SDK.

Download our automated GUI testing software

June 1, 2010: I've created a product page for our AGT software. You can now find the downloads at our Agile/Automated GUI Testing software product page.

Agile GUI Testing demo videos

You can also find all of our YouTube demo video links on our Automated GUI Testing product page.

GUI testing software - summary

Again, please be very, very careful with this software, and just take baby steps until you understand what it's doing, and you see that everything is working properly on your computer system.

Also, note that the AGT Recorder is not in this release. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

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