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Drupal example source code file (imagecache_create_url.test)

This example Drupal source code file (imagecache_create_url.test) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

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The imagecache_create_url.test Drupal example source code

<?php // $Id: imagecache_create_url.test,v 1.4 2008/07/09 03:07:11 dopry Exp $

 * Test class for testing imagecache_create_url() in several use cases with
 * the different combinations of clean URLs and private/public download method.
class ImageCacheUrlTests extends DrupalTestCase {

   * General admin user.
  var $admin_user;

   * The id of the php input format.
  var $input_format_id;

   * Drupal SimpleTest method: return metadata about the test.
  function get_info() {
     return array(
       'name' => 'ImageCache Create URL Tests',
       'desc' => 'Assure that URLs are properly generated by imagecache_create_url(), as discussed at http://drupal.org/node/241541',
       'group' => 'ImageCache',

   * SimpleTest core method: code run before each and every test method.
  function setUp() {
    // Always call the setUp() function from the parent class.

    // Make sure that the ImageCache module is enabled.

    // Create admin user
    $permissions = array(
      'administer filters',
    $this->admin_user = $this->drupalCreateUserRolePerm($permissions);

    // Log in with admin user.

    // Add an input format with PHP evaluator.
    $edit = array(
      'name' => $this->randomName(10, 'inputformat_'),
      'filters[filter/1]' => TRUE,
      'roles[2]' => TRUE,
    $this->drupalPostRequest('admin/settings/filters/add', $edit, t('Save configuration'));
    // Store the format id of the created input format.
    $this->input_format_id = db_result(db_query("SELECT format FROM {filter_formats} WHERE name = '%s'", $edit['name']));
    $this->assertTrue($this->input_format_id, t('Input format id (%s)'));


   * SimpleTest core method: code run after each and every test method.
  function tearDown() {
    // Remove input format.
    $this->drupalPostRequest('admin/settings/filters/delete/'. $this->input_format_id, array(), t('Delete'));
    // Log out admin user.

    // Always call the tearDown() function from the parent class.

   * Test function that tests imagecache_create_url() under
   * the different combinations of clean URLs and file download method
  function testImageCacheCreateUrl() {
    // No Clean URLs + public downloads  : http://example.com/?q=path/to/files/imagecache/preset/foo.jpg
      'path/to/files', 'preset', 'foo.jpg',

    // Clean URLs    + public downloads  : http://example.com/path/to/files/imagecache/preset/foo.jpg
      'path/to/files', 'preset', 'foo.jpg',

    // No Clean URLs + private downloads : http://example.com/?q=system/files/imagecache/preset/foo.jpg
      'path/to/files', 'preset', 'foo.jpg',

    // Clean URLs    + private downloads : http://example.com/system/files/imagecache/preset/foo.jpg
      'path/to/files', 'preset', 'foo.jpg',

   * Function to actually perform URL tests.
   * @param $clean_url
   *    'clean_url' setting for test.
   * @param $file_downloads
   *    'file_downloads' setting for test.
   * @param $file_directory_path
   *    'file_directory_path' setting for tests.
   * @param $preset
   *    imagecache preset name to be used for test.
   * @param $path
   *    file path to be used for generating output.
   * @param $expected
   *    the url expected as output from imagecache_create_url
   * Note about the implementation:
   * At first sight one might think this can be easily implemented with just
   * setting the Drupal settings, calling imagecache_create_url() and checking
   * the result. This does not work however because the url() function, which is
   * used by imagecache_create_url(), caches the clean_url setting with an
   * internal static variable. This means that only one setting of clean_url
   * can be evaluated per page view.
   * To make testing possible, this function creates a node with the PHP
   * evaluator as input filter and puts a proper call to imagecache_create_url()
   * in the node body. The node view, which is a page view on its own can then
   * be checked for the correctly generated URL.
  private function _ImagecacheCreateUrlTest($clean_url, $file_downloads, $file_directory_path, $preset, $path, $expected) {
    // Drupal settings
    $this->drupalVariableSet('clean_url', $clean_url);
    $this->drupalVariableSet('file_downloads', $file_downloads);
    $this->drupalVariableSet('file_directory_path', $file_directory_path);

    // Build node body (php code).
    $body = "<?php
      // Change base_url
      \$GLOBALS['base_url'] = 'http://example.com';
      // Generate URL and check it.
      echo imagecache_create_url('$preset', '$path');
    // Create node.
    $node = $this->drupalCreateNode(array(
      'body' => $body,
      'format' => $this->input_format_id,

    // Show node.
    $this->drupalGet(url('node/' . $node->nid, NULL, NULL, TRUE));

    // Check if expected url shows up
      t('[ImageCacheUrlTests] @clean_url + @file_downloads should return "@expected"', array(
        '@clean_url' => ($clean_url ? 'Clean URLs' : 'No clean URLs'),
        '@file_downloads' => ($file_downloads == FILE_DOWNLOADS_PRIVATE ? 'private downloads' : 'public downloads'),
        '@expected' => $expected)


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