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Drupal 6 drupal 7 devel project Project Source Code Files/Examples

These Drupal 6 drupal 7 devel project files are included here as part of our Drupal source code examples project. (Please see that project page, including our promise to donate back to the Drupal open source community.)

Drupal 6 drupal 7 devel project Project README File

This content is from the Drupal 6 drupal 7 devel project project README file:

 A module containing helper functions for Drupal developers and
 inquisitive admins. This module can print a log of
 all database queries for each page request at the bottom of each page. The
 summary includes how many times each query was executed on a page, and how long
 each query took.
  It also offers
  - a block for running custom PHP on a page
  - a block for quickly accessing devel pages
  - a block for masquerading as other users (useful for testing)
  - reports memory usage at bottom of page
  - more
  This module is safe to use on a production site. Just be sure to only grant
  'access development information' permission to developers.
 Also a dpr() function is provided, which pretty prints arrays and strings.
 Useful during development. Many other nice functions like dpm(), dvm().
 AJAX developers in particular ought to install FirePHP Core from
 http://www.firephp.org/ and put it in the devel directory. 
 This happens automatically when you enable via drush. You may also
 use a drush command to download the library. If downloading by hand, 
 your path to fb.php should look like devel/FirePHPCore/lib/FirePHPCore/fb.php. 
 You can use svn checkout http://firephp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/trunk/Libraries/FirePHPCore.
 Then you can log php variables to the Firebug console. Is quite useful.
 Included in this package is also: 
 - devel_node_access module which prints out the node_access records for a given 
   node. Also offers hook_node_access_explain for all node access modules to 
   implement. Handy.
 - devel_generate.module which bulk creates nodes, users, comment, terms for 
 - performance module.
 - Modules that use AHAH may have incompatibility with the query log and other
   footer info. Consider setting $GLOBALS['devel_shutdown'] = FALSE if you run into
   any issues.
 -moshe weitzman <weitzman at tejasa DOT com>

Drupal 6 drupal 7 devel project Project Source Code Files

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