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Drupal example source code file (CHANGELOG.txt)

This example Drupal source code file (CHANGELOG.txt) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

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The CHANGELOG.txt Drupal example source code

CHANGELOG for Views 3 for Drupal 7

Views 3.x-7.x-alpha1 (05-Jan-2011)

#914102 by torelad: Correct placeholder in views_date_sql_format.
#931582 by bec: Provide integration of {file_usage} table.
by dereine: Fix in_operator test.
by dereine: Fix more testcases by adding $this->resetAll().
#931886 by bojanz: Remove views_handler_filter_float because numeric handler + dbtng does everything.
#932792 by bec: Extras for formatting {file_managed} fields.
by dereine: Move file_* handlers to extra files.
#934086 by dereine: Attach the contextual links library only once.
#917402 by yhahn: Update taxonomy handlers for d7 changes.
#930582 by berdir, Damz, dereine: Fix query substitutions for subqueries.
#711860 by dereine: 00 entered in pager total fails.
#889770 by tim.plunkett: Empty fields not always hidden based on row settings.
#762484 by master-of-magic: Link to node status could be lost between rows.
#908272 by jaydub: Fix incorrect length of view description form field.
#772782 by mstrelan: Menu normal item menu should default to system default menu rather than  "navigation".
#571234 by dereine: Better handling of invalid exposed filters or other methods that cause a view to abort during the build process.
#685554 by MyXelf: Illegal characters in View tag translated improperly when used in theming templates.
#508832 by nick_vh: Documentation improvement on templates.
#887220 by dereine: Fix fatal error when using GROUP BY.
#930714 by brad.bulger: Add aggregator GUID field.
#936828 by xjm: Empty field replacement not quite always working.
#872000 by NaX: Comment edit field needs option to set destination so it can work like comment edit field.
#799580 by dereine: api version of views exports should use views_api_version() not hardcoded number.
#884440 by Amitaibu: Improve token encoding to eliminate double html entity encoding.
#847930 by dereine: Reduce duplicates option not staying set.
#865482 by dereine: RSS options form does not include override.
#813422 by dereine and killes: Improved time-based caching expiration.
#829550 by hefox: Better testing of batch form use by exposed filters.
#570618 by dereine: Enforce denying access to disabled views more strongly.
#667014 by dereine: Prevent notice with relationships and node row style if relationship has no endpoint node.
#835934 by dereine: Provide relationship from files to users.
#738172 by dereine: Fields rewritten to be links with just a fragment did not work.
#694094 by Ian Ward: Allow more static caches to be resettable. (port by aspilicious)
#811226 by dereine: Fix another notice in area text handler. (port by aspilicious)
#917916 by MyXelf: break delimiter not removed from formatted output. (port by aspilicious)
#918654 by Will White: numeric GROUP BY fields missing numeric format options.
by dereine: Test for views_handler_filter_date.
#785236 by e_log: Add aggregator field item id as a field.
#366886 by Scott Reynolds: For "last comment time" if "count zero is empty" is set, use empty text for nodes with no comments.
#611086 by dereine: add -url token to files that can fetch proper URLs with private filesystems.
#635336 by dereine: Remove unused fields from views.
#795270 by dereine: Remove unnecessary links to sections that will have no settings.
#882800 by dereine: Move "Distinct" option to query settings.
#755342 by jcmarco: Improve SQL date field handling.
#338893 by dereine: Aggregator argument not always properly converted to title.
#787184 introduce the long awaited "Update and Override" button.
#718832 by dereine: Add file extension as a field available within the File group.
#941974 by dereine: Use contextual links in the views ui when possible.
#761102 by dereine: test: user default argument.
by dereine: Fix notice in views_ui_add_page.
#667950 by damZ, dereine: Port #dependency form elements to #states.
Added missing file: modules/taxonomy/views_handler_filter_vocabulary_machine_name.inc
#882800 by rszrama: Fix notice for options['distinct'].
#950246 by ZoeN: Fix dbtng in views_handler_argument_aggregator_fid.
#884730 by yched, bojanz, karenS, wundo: Add new UI for formatter settings options to the field settings config.
by dereine: Add the dependeny ctools.
#952576 by yhahn: Use JS_LIBRARY group for adding core library js files.
#563020 by dereine: Replace views object cache with ctools object cache.
#952636 by yhahn: Support string format identifiers in field_markup handler.
#954030 by alweb: Fix title query in views_handler_argument_term_node_tid.
#954784 by tekante: views_join class produces a SQL error when an array is in definition['extra']['value'].
#962756 by bojanz: Field delta shows the placeholder instead of the field name.
#667950 by merlinofchaos, bojanz and dereine: Revert the states patch and use ctools dependency instead.
#960528 by dereine: Clicksort doesn't work for field names that contain special characters.
by dereine: Document add_where for formula.
by dereine: Fix notice in ajax.inc.
#963382 by aidanlis: Fix typo in mathematical expression field help text.
#807614 by dereine: Test filter_numeric.
#928000 by mfer, dereine: form.js dependency missing.
by dereine: Fix some notices.
by dereine: Fix views_exposed_form test.
by dereine: Move test files around.
by dereine: Fix notice in group_by_numeric.
by eporama: Add a test for views_plugin_argument_validate_user.
#788950 by merlinofchaos, bojanz, dereine: Fixed ui when clicking override.
#965432 by bojanz: Display column for single column fields, if that column is not "value".
#965188 by Scott Reynolds: Remove comment.comment column, it does not exist in the database anymore.
#969124 by brenk28: Fix notices in rss feeds related to readmore.
#968286 by bojanz: Let field::render_as_link support entity url options.
#967188 by Island Usurper: Fix exposed data submitted data.
#954916 by becw: taxonomy term id from URL expects taxonomy objects in term fields, none present.
#968372 by becw: "Taxonomy: Term" filter autocomplete broken.
#971326 by dereine: Join fieldapi fields additional on deleted = 0.
#713078 by achaux: Aggregator not properly using allowed tags from core.
#428196 by dereine, funkmasterjones and tic2000: Allow specification of default sort order (asc or desc) per field in table style.
#944680 by rvilar: Properly t() untranslated string.
#881680 by brianV and longwave: Avoid unnecessary invoking of view objects for argument validation when no argument validation is necessary.
#767244 by Magnus: Fix some untranslatable strings due to less than and greater than characters.
#855280 by dereine: Exposed forms set "Input required" lose exposed sorts.
#935388 by infojunkie: Add post_build and post_execute hooks similar to post_render.
#973496 by das-peter: Don't use call-time-reference for comment_view.
#938806 by jenlampton: Node: title field should link to node by default.
#956654 by mdupont: Translation for "offset" field in dates needed work.
#931390 by dww: Optimize boolean logic by using "= 1" rather than "<> 0" for faster queries.
#567918 by iamjon: Improve documentation for token replacement.
#881468 by longwave: Improve performance by static caching results of argument validation because menu likes to double validate things.
#964266 by dereine: cache_expire() missing $type.
#477984 by demeritcowboy, fatstar415, mike dodd, dagmar: Properly handle value for "empty" and "not empty" special operators.
#768060 by EmmanueleQuinto, xjm, others: Make sure that render alter options do not accidentally get blown up for empty fields.
#847724 by dereine: Allow jump menu "Summary" style to customize choose text, just like the regular summary style.
#669636 by dereine and bojanz: Convert the rest of the field handlers that have link options to use the advanced render.
#871578 by dereine: Comment "new" might not work right without a comment count field.
#910864 by Bevan, dereine: exposed filter blocks should not be cached by core block caching.
Remove unused/lost view::render_exposed_form.
#776830: Fix pager settings on attachments and feeds.
#835544 by iamjon: export broke if key contained an apostrophe.
#941990 by master-of-magic: Link to node when using relationships could occasionally lose track and create bad links.
#833790: Click sort could break on fields that were actually formulas.
#963454 by dereine: Remove related terms data definitions.
#976098 by dereine: Fix notice in field field handler render function.
#626732 by dereine: Fix analyze ok-button and added a test for it.
#338584 by superbaloo: Allow displays to be re-ordered in the UI.
#502348: Move advanced rendering up the chain a little bit to allow for non-standard uses of fields, such as grouping, to use advanced rendering features.
#943984 by Kars-T: Remove extraneous line of code.
#751970 by dereine: View list form auto submit on change.
#502348 followup.
#977846 by dereine: Use ctools_process_dependency for table plugin. (follow up of #502348).
#942106 by andypost: Fix converting from vid to vocabulary in taxonomy handlers.
#870792 by bojanz: Options form needs to be re-rendered if it failed validation.
#980628 by bojanz: Fix options-query in field::render_as_link.
#979264 by pwolanin: Account for flipped comment status values in Drupal 7.
#972864 by bec: Provide term relationship via taxonomy term reference fields.
#979634 by linclark: Fix field grouping.
#972934 by dereine: Fix Node: User posted or commented.
by dereine: Preview shouldn't expect to have the sql plugin, always.
#960596 by dereine: Argument in preview aren't escaped.
#983166 by dereine: Rename $class to $classes in the table template file and write some updating documentation.
#963372 by dereine: Add 'form_process_checkbox' to every checkbox which uses process 'ctools_dependent_process'.
#979082 by dereine: Add 'form_process_select' to every select which uses process 'ctools_dependent_process'.
#936196 by jmiccolis, yhahn, adrian, bojanz, dereine: Don't use entity_load for the fieldapi-field handler, but use real sql fields.
by dereine: Fix notice in views_ui_preview().
#965496 by ayalon: Update and Override broke validation of most views admin forms.
#868990: Fix undefined call to $view->set_use_pager()
#669636 followup by bojanz: Fix improper use of field_alias by row styles.
#979046 by travist: Fix PHP 5.3 problem in views_access with no arguments.
#978864 by linclark: Fix title bug with area handlers.
#983460 by dereine: "Default sort" radio is in wrong column on table style settings.
#783798 by dereine: GROUP BY can cause sort criteria to get incorrectly added to view.
#357529 by nedjo, dddave, dagmar, dereine, yhahn, others: Implement plugin to handle translations of views configuration data.
#983606 by jonathan1055: Breadcrumb disappears on bulk export results.
#945034 by das-peter: Allow any kind of build_mode for node row style.
#936196 by rszrama, das-peter, bojanz, dereine: Fix some bugs with the fieldapi field handler.
#983272 by bojanz: Support click sorting for Field API fields.
by dereine: Fix error in plugin_default_taxonomy_tid.
#974542 by dereine: Use the same signature for pre_render in every handler.
#988490 by dereine: Fix global view result counter.
#740686 by dereine, dagmar: Integrate the functionality of Semantic Views (though it takes a significantly diffrent form).
#988726 by yhahn: Use taxonomy_term_data 'format' column for description field.
#988520 by dereine: Fix sql of date handler for offset.
#952636 by yhahn, jmiccolis, dagmar, dereine: Support string format identifiers.
#960810: Fixed merge error of semantic views patch.
#769458 by anrikun: Fix double encoding of alt/title text on link rewriting.
#318944 by dereine: Prevent warning in table view when user has no permission to view any fields.
#416178 by dereine: Profile field checkboxes did not properly filter false values.
#949526 by dereine: External database not used.
#913688 by dereine: Fix feed icon path.
#768802 by dereine: Allow sort by node language.
#600742 by dagmar: Allow displays to be disabled.
reported by swentel: Remove left over debugging dsm.
#468484 by dereine: Filter by unread not relationship safe.
#833790 redux by dereine: Make sure field actually exists.
#607942 by dashton: Support "rel" attribute in link rewriting.
#994014 by idflood: Add missing semicolon to node translation link handler.
#909886: -Any- option shows up on boolean exposed filters even when not optional.
#972934 by dereine: Fix sql of subquery of comment_user_uid argument handler.
Follow up #607942, use ctools_dependent_process.
#817360 by John Morahan: Have Analyze button warn if view has no access control.
#898990 by dereine: Fix bad SQL generated on related terms relationship if no vocabularies selected.
#833220 by dereine: Properly validate value on date filter.
#910256 by dagmar: Add an - All - option to exposed items per page.
#779668 by esteewhy: Fix not technically valid use of break statements.
#909332 by dereine: Add col-first and col-last classes to grid style.
#989092 by dereine: Semantic views integration broke grid view a little.
#868972 by dereine: Add a "summary" attribute for accessibility on table and grid styles.
#992174 by dereine: Add missing field handler aggregator_xss in the views.info file.
by dereine: Fix fatal error in the field term_node_tid handler.
#994856 by dereine: Replace views dependecy with ctools... again.
by dereine: Replace _fake_instance in field field handler with a ctools helper function.
#996634 by das-peter: Add missing rel to option_definition of the field handler.
#610418 by joachim: Add handler descriptions to handler edit forms.
#368687 by dereine: Allow a relationship from node revision to master node.
#759082 by dereine: Prevent invalid argument warning with no relationships.
#946368 by dereine: User argument default ignoring node author checkbox in some cases.
#867636 by chromix: Give jump menu an option to set default value to current path.
#997772 by dereine: Fix node_view_analyze by using dbtng and d7 role_permission database schema.
#998278 by dereine: Update field.views.inc based on #986992.
#998400 by das-peter: Use vocabulary in "term name converted to term id".
#785036 by dereine and bojanz: Properly validate display IDs.
#958312 by tim.plunkett: Exports could have extraneous whitespace when exported from other modules like features.
#927270 by Cyberwolf: Allow the "options callback" for the in_operator filter handler to also have an "options argument" in the definition.
#497936: Profile fields with dashes in their names cause bad queries.
#608926 by Longwave: Remove unused theme("nodate") functionality.
#993002 by alex_b, dereine: Fix notice in views_plugin_display_page.inc.
#1000044 by pivica: Fix notice for element_type in some field handlers.
#984390 by yhahn: Fix full pager variables.
#972620 by dereine: Add an administrative title field for all handlers to make it more possible to distinguish similar fields from each other in the UI.
#627378: Allow specifying that your module provides specialized views templates via hook_views_api.
#627378 follow up: Remove debug calls.
#1001442 by dboulet: Add classes/title text to contextual links.
#999042 by bojanz: Remove the option to use the site mission for the RSS feed description, because drupal doesn't have this field anymore.
#985602 by bblake, bojanz, dereine: Support slave server.
by dereine: Fix views.info file.
#987478 by bojanz: Let field field handler properly handle field language.
#1002060 by troky: COMMENT_NODE_* constants have new names
#996306 by alex_b: Respect 'edit terms in ' settings
#987478 by bojanz: Fix some more edge cases in field field handler.
#1003034 by das-peter: Use preg_slit instead of split.
#905712 by dagmar: Add Published/Not published as text options to published field.
#816354 by dereine: Provide a field to create administrative comments on displays.
#1004596 by pillarsdotnet:  Wrong usage of theme('image'...) in contact field handler.
#1006088 by aspilicious: Remove unneeded files from .info file.
#1005662 by troky: Change original hook to base hook in views hook_theme.
#808016 by dereine: Clarify short/medium/long date formats.
#829928 by gordon: Allow strip tags to get a list of tags to keep.
#1004538 by ngmaloney, bojanz: Support timestamps before 1970 in views date sql.
#522318 by dereine: Provide a "human readable" name for all Views.
#1003112 by ralf: Add configure line to views_ui.info
#118672: Allow an OR in filters by adding groups in the filter UI.
by dereine: Add a test for field math, and fix the field math :)
#1007036 by bojanz: Fix Node: Has new content filter.
by dereine: Add a test for filter equality.
by dereine: Add a test for field counter.
#1007036 by dereine: Fix join condition for Node: Has new content filter.
by dereine: Fix tests for detecting module template files.
#1007730 by bojanz, merlinofchaos, dereine: Fix views_handler_filter_string, add tests and add a general placeholder method.
#1006644 by bojanz, dereine: Allow field field handler to work with users.
#759082 by dereine: Fix whitescreen due to incorrect relationship loop code.
by dereine: Remove old comment about select::countQuery.
#863478 by damz, dereine: Allow basic distinct support.
#667950 by bec : Remove workaround for filter_numeric dependency.
#1011266 by sime: Fix whitescreen due to changes in #759082.
#1011220 by aspilicious: Auto-Generate View's Machine-Readable Name.
#1001542 by mikeytown2: view::set_display() has wrong return code when it fails.
#1011220 follow-up: Add missing point on machine_name.
#722330 by dereine: Views should include core version for updates.
#1008706 by dereine: Convert placeholders to new api.
#807616 by damz, dereine: Remove views_handler_sort_formula and add a short entry in api-upgrading.html
#873238 follow up by dereine: Remove adding cookie.js all the time. Ajax loading works now.
#591302 by yhahn: Update ajax_view.js for ajax framework.
#972638 by bojanz: Mini pager hasn't been ported.
#1011334 by dereine: Exposed filters without input broke sql.
#990088 by yhahn: Fix taxonomy integration by changing vid to nid for taxonomy_index.
#1007466 by aspilicious, dereine: Provide a api function for adding complex queries: add_where_expression, add_having_condition.
#1008170 by dereine: Fix views_handler_filter_groupby_numeric by using add_having_expression.
#1013170 by das-peter: Fix broken view::preview which was broken on #1001542.
#644008 by Cyberwolf and dereine: Allow access plugins access to arguments.
#997424 by dereine: Use drupal_add_library instead of drupal_add_js where it's possible.
#992704 by solotandem, bojanz, dereine: support to groupby entity_id.
#970514 by moshe, dereine: Provide basic drush integration for views.
#1015306 by dereine: Fix index in field_field.
by solotandem: Make a better description for the group_type field in groupby form.
#1015856 by solotandem: Eliminate PHP notices related to recent groupby changes.
#1016058 by dereine: Fix string contain all words.
#940316 by merlinofchaos: Allow to rescan template files from non-current themes.
by mikejoconnor, dereine: Fix notice for exporting view->core.
#1002744 by bojanz: Use entity_load for fieldapi field handlers.
#957206 by dereine: Add missing views.info entry for aggregator iid argument handler.
#1002744 by bojanz: Refactor views_field_field by renaming some variables/comments.
by dereine: Bring vpr and views_debug back.
#955464 by dereine: Fix glossary and many to one mode handler.
#1016430 by bojanz: fix two small bugs in field_field handler.
by dereine: Add $view->version to all default views.
#1006176 by das-peter, bojanz: Add support for field based translation.

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