Drupal 7 meta tags module - latest information

Drupal 7 meta tags FAQ: Is there a meta tags module for Drupal 7? (Or, what's going on with the Drupal 7 meta tags module?)

(Note: This article was last updated on March 24, 2011.)

Drupal 7 meta tags module information

Having just gone through the meta tags process with a Drupal 7 website on February 9, 2011, here's what I know:

  • Drupal 6 meta tags were provided by the Drupal Nodewords module.
  • The Nodewords module had some really nasty upgrade issues in Drupal 6, and people like myself lost data.
  • As a result, the Nodewords module is being rewritten as the Drupal 7 meta tags module.
  • There is no release of this Drupal 7 meta tags module yet. (None at all. None.)
  • Just as I started to cook up my own simple Drupal 7 meta tags module, I ran across a Drupal 7 module named "Meta tags quick" that does exactly what I was going to do.

In short, if you're looking for a Drupal 7 meta tags module, those are your only two choices right now: (a) write your own, or (b) use the Quick Meta Tags module.

FWIW, I started using the Quick Meta Tags module yesterday as I'm building a new Drupal 7 website, and it has worked fine. As the author writes, this is not as good a solution to the problem as what the Drupal Nodewords module offered, but when you have Drupal 7 sites going live and you need meta tags, this is a good solution, and again, what I was going to do anyway.

Drupal 7 meta tags - Migration work

Of course you'll have some migration work to do if/when a Drupal 7 meta tags module, but the way it looks now, you were going to have to do some migration work from Drupal 6 Nodewords to Drupal 7 Meta Tags anyway.

If it helps your Drupal 7 SEO cause at all, I've read that Google hasn't used meta keywords for years. That being said, they do use the "meta description" field for display purposes, so you really do want to have a "meta description" field in your pages.

Drupal 7 meta tags module - Summary

I hope this Drupal 7 meta tags information has been helpful. I'll try to keep updating it as time goes on, and I learn more.