The best managers use emotional intelligence alvin November 16, 2017 - 7:32pm has this article about a Google study that shows that the best managers use emotional intelligence.

Google is introducing a Neural Networks API in Android 8.1 developer preview alvin October 26, 2017 - 7:18pm

Several media outlets are reporting that Google is introducing their Neural Networks API in developer preview of Android 8.1. TechCrunch has a well-written article that includes this:

“The big highlight here is the new Neural Networks API, which brings hardware-accelerated inference to the phone for quickly executing previously trained machine learning models. Bringing these calculations to the edge can bring a lot of utility to the end user by reducing latency and load on the network, while also keeping more sensitive data on-device.”

How Google’s PageRank algorithm works (the math) alvin October 25, 2017 - 4:29pm has a good page on how the basic part of Google’s PageRank algorithm works. If you ever wonder why math is important in programming, that algorithm made Google billions and billions of dollars.

AlphaGo Zero whips AlphaGo, 100-0

NPR reports that a new version of Google’s AlphaGo Zero software became a Go master by learning to play the game only by playing itself, i.e., only by using reinforcement learning (as opposed to supervised learning). Per the report in, “AlphaGo Zero achieved superhuman performance, winning 100–0 against the previously published, champion-defeating AlphaGo.”

A map of “Why is [state] so ...”

To create this graphic, someone Google’d all the queries for “Why is [state] so” (like, “Why is Illinois so”), and mapped the first Google auto-complete result onto each state. Makes me want to spend some time in the “haunted” states.

(They actually Google’d these queries in 2014. Makes me wonder what the current results look like.)