iPhone users "blows past" Windows Mobile

I don't know about you, but I was surprised to read this morning that the iPhone user base has surpassed the Windows Mobile user base.

I never knew the numbers, so I always assumed the iPhone was this "premium" phone that a relatively small percentage of people owned, and that Windows Mobile was on a lot of phones.


Silicon Alley Insider reports that the number of iPhone users now surpasses the number of Windows Mobile users. I expect to see an awful lot of videos of Steve Ballmer dissing the iPhone two years ago. (That's probably the biggest thing I don't like about Microsoft, their FUD approach to marketing.)

The amazing thing to me is that if you use Ballmer's own words against him, who in their right minds would pay so much for a cellphone when there are all of these inexpensive Windows Mobile devices out there? (Sorry, but that FUD stuff really does piss me off, and I am enjoying a good laugh about this today.)

In a related note, if you look at RIM's numbers, it's not like their losing customers. While Windows Mobile usage remains flat, RIM and Apple continue to pick up a lot of users as time goes on.

Here's the link to the Silicon Alley Insider story.