Pentax K-x camera sample photos

As I mentioned in my earlier Pentax K-x camera review, I'm very happy with the Pentax K-x camera I purchased a few weeks ago. Amazon had a big discount on the Pentax K-x at that time, and I found a bundle deal for just a little over $500.

In that earlier article I wrote about the features of the Pentax K-x, but sometimes it's nice just to see some images from a camera to see how good (or bad) that camera is. To that end, the following Pentax K-x sample photos all show a small image here, and you can click on each image to see an original, full-size Pentax K-x photo (6 MB in file size, with whopping dimensions of 4288x2848 pixels.)

Pentax K-x sample photos

To demonstrate what the Pentax K-x camera is capable of, here is a small collection of Pentax K-x sample photos. Each photo shown here is much smaller than the original; they have been scaled down to 550 pixels in width. But if you click through the images, you'll see the original images (again with the warning that the originals are very, very large).

On to the Pentax K-x sample photos ...

Here's an extreme close up of a wild flower in a flower bed by the Talkeetna airport:

Pentax K-x sample photos - flowers close up

Here's a photo of a Talkeetna Hostel sign against a nice green backdrop. (For those who don't know it, I lived in Talkeetna, Alaska in 2007, just across the street and slightly down the road from the Hostel.)

Pentax K-x sample photos - Talkeetna Hostel sign

Here's a photo of the sky and one of the rivers in Talkeetna. I took this photo with the Pentax K-x while standing on the railroad bridge:

Pentax K-x sample photos - Little Susitna river, Talkeetna, Alaska

This is a Pentax K-x photo taken on an earlier trip to Hatcher Pass. This is a part of the Little Susitna river, near the entrance to Hatcher Pass (the Palmer/Wasilla entrance):

Pentax K-x sample photos - Little Susitna River, Hatcher Pass

Back to Talkeetna, this is one of the cute little shops in "downtown Talkeetna":

Pentax K-x sample photos - Talkeetna store

And finally, here's another photo of the sky from beach area in Talkeetna. You can't see it too well in this photo, but there's an airplane up in the clouds I was trying to capture. You can see it much better in the larger image.

Pentax K-x sample photos - Talkeetna sky and plane

Pentax K-x sample photos - summary

I hope these Pentax K-x sample photos give you an idea of what this camera is capable of. Although I'm very much a novice photographer, as you can see, I think it takes exceptionally sharp, crisp, and very large photographs. I have many more Pentax K-x photos on my website about living in Alaska, in particular in the Hatcher Pass photo gallery.