iPhone web apps - the HTML SELECT element

iPhone HTML/web apps FAQ: Can I use the HTML SELECT tag in my iPhone HTML web apps? If so, what does the control look like in the iPhone Mobile Safari web browser?

Yes, according to the Apple Safari web developer documentation, you can use the HTML SELECT tag in your iPhone HTML/web apps.

When you do so your SELECT control will be rendered as a custom control on iOS devices, and the control looks like a drum/wheel, like you see in digital slot machines. The following image from the Apple Developer documentation demonstrates what the HTML SELECT control looks like in a web application, and then in a mobile iPhone web app:

iPhone HTML web apps and the HTML SELECT tag

(Image courtesy of Apple and apple.com)

As you can see from that image, the HTML SELECT field looks like a normal combobox in a web browser, and looks like a spinning wheel in an iOS/iPhone/iPad web application (in the Mobile Safari browser).