Best Mac Twitter app - RockMelt plus Growl

Best Mac Twitter app: Over the last several weeks I've been looking for the best Mac Twitter app I can find (along with the best Mac Facebook app I can find), and I have to say, I'm pretty much sold on the combination of Mac, the RockMelt browser, and Growl (a Mac notification app). Not only is this a good Mac Twitter app, it's also a good Mac Facebook app, and, well, a good general Mac social app approach.

Best Mac Twitter app

As I wrote about in my Mac social browsers review, I've tried all sorts of different approaches lately, and even in a beta state, RockMelt makes the best Mac "social" app approach I can find, including being the best Mac Twitter app I can find. One thing that makes RockMelt great -- besides being based on Google Chrome -- is the integration with Mac Growl. As I wrote in that review, seeing tweets and Facebook posts appear via Mac Growl is really a terrific approach. As I'm working along, such as writing this article, I'll see Growl display tweets and Facebook posts, and I'll casually look at them as I'm typing, then come back to this article. If the Growl tweet I saw looked interesting, I'll remember go to back and look at it later; if not, no big deal.

I could go on for a while, but since I already wrote that Mac social browsers review, I'll just say please see that review for more information. In short, if you're looking for a Mac Twitter app, or a Mac Facebook app, the Mac + RockMeltGrowl approach is the best solution I know today (December, 2010).