When is Dropbox syncing? The icons tell

Dropbox syncing FAQ: How do I know when Dropbox is syncing my files?

On a Mac, you can tell when Dropbox is syncing your files by looking at the Dropbox icon in your Mac menu bar. When Dropbox is not syncing your files the icon will have a little check mark on it, like this blown-up image:

Dropbox file syncing status icon
the icon shown when
dropbox is not syncing

That little green checkbox tells you everything is up to date.

When Dropbox is syncing files, the Dropbox icon will actually be a little animated, so that's an easy way to tell. The animated Dropbox icon seems to alternate between an image of a clock and blue and white arrows, as shown here:

Dropbox is syncing icon
the icon shown when
dropbox is syncing

This "Dropbox is syncing" icon has a small blue overlay icon, and its also animated, so it's fairly easy to tell that Dropbox is at work.

For Windows users, sorry, I don't know how you can see the Dropbox syncing status, but I'll assume it's a similar icon-based approach like this.

More Dropbox syncing information

If you want more information on the current Dropbox sync status, you can also click the Dropbox menu item for more status messages. For instance, when Dropbox is not syncing files, an item in the menu bar will show a message stating "All files up to date", and when it is syncing files it will show other status messages in that same area, depending on what it is doing at that moment.