Carbon apps in the Mac App Store?

As I was writing my last article on the Apple VoicePass trademark, I ran into a discussion of Mac Carbon apps, and the new Mac App Store. I began to wonder, will the Mac App Store allow Carbon apps?

As I was researching that last article, it looks like Apple will have to allow Carbon apps in the Mac App Store, if nothing else because several of their own apps still rely on the Mac Carbon API. Wikipedia reports that iTunes, Final Cut Pro, and parts of Quicktime still use Carbon. Based on my own experience with the Mac speech recognition server (see Mac speech recongition software review, Mac speech recognition text to speech, Mac speech recognition custom commands), I know that it's also based on the old Mac Carbon API as well.

AppleInsider has provided a copy of Apple's Mac Store app guidelines, and in those guidelines, while Apple clearly prohibits technologies like Java and and Power PC code requiring Rosetta, they say nothing about the Mac Carbon API or 32-bit apps written in Carbon. If anything, the Mac App Store guidelines very much avoid discussing this issue.

So -- and this is just a guess as I try to do more research -- it looks like Mac Carbon apps will be allowed in the Mac App Store. (As for us Java developers, it's clear there won't be any Mac App Store Java apps.)