Ditch Facebook

Unethical ... amoral ... backstabbing ... stealing ... cheating ... web pundits these days are using all sorts of words to describe Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. This image says it all:

Gizmodo's Ban Facebook image

That image comes from Gizmodo's excellent article, The Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook.

I could go on for a long time about this myself, but instead, here's just one quote from calcanis.com:

"You can only screw people for so long before it catches up to you. The entire industry went from rooting for Zuckerberg to hating him and Facebook–in under 18 months."

And finally, one of the best articles I've read yet, Wired's Facebook Has Gone Rogue, It's Time for an Open Alternative.

Facebook has lost our trust

I have really enjoyed staying in touch with my friends in a private environment, but Facebook has proven to be a disloyal business that keeps changing their "privacy" policy in efforts to share your information without your consent. Mr. Zuckerberg, when I put my information on Facebook, I wanted to share it with my friends, not the world.

Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook, let me make this clear: You have lost my trust.

Simply put, it's "Adios, Facebook".

Facebook's "trust issues" create a huge opportunity for someone else

Listen up Facebook alternatives -- this is a tremendous opportunity for you. We've all shown that we like a tool like Facebook, we just can't trust the current Facebook ownership.

I haven't looked around, but I hope there is a good alternative to Facebook, and I hope everyone will move their accounts from Facebook to whatever that new service is. One thing we know for sure, the company that runs that new service will need to make some guarantees about user privacy, and never back down from those guarantees.