My week in review

FWIW, my week leading up to the Memorial Day weekend (2016) went like this:

Tuesday: Went to the liver doctor, he said my numbers are greatly improved, no worries, keep up the good work. A couple of hours later I started having severe chest pain, and eventually got myself to the ER. Their first two tests didn’t show any heart issues, but I couldn’t move without significant pain, and they wanted me to take a stress test the next day.

Wednesday: I felt quite a bit better, but they still wanted me to take a nuclear stress test instead of getting on a treadmill. It showed that I may have had a heart attack at some point in my life, but the area that showed up bad is a part of the heart that rests on the diaphragm, which could cause a problem with the image. So...

Thursday: They did a coronary angiogram. Afterwards the doctor said that my heart looked great, and to follow up with him in four months. He never said that I didn’t have a heart attack, but I assume that I did not. (I asked him directly if I had a heart attack, and instead of saying yes or no, he answered, “Everything looks great.”)

Sunday: I had the MRI of my neck and pelvis yesterday. I had an allergic reaction to the MRI contrast (it felt like my head was going to explode and then I broke out in hives), but they gave me some Benadryl, and that helped pretty fast.

Hopefully the doctors will find the pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma with these MRI images. If they don’t find it this way, I know that there are two more tests that involve more radiation that can be used to find it.