Functional Programming, Simplified (PDF and Kindle ebook)

My new book, Functional Programming, Simplified, is currently on sale as a PDF and an Amazon Kindle eBook. Details are listed below.

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What’s new: October 20, 2017

Version 0.1.5 is the last pre-release of the book, and it adds these new lessons:

  • “The Problem with the IO Monad,” discusses why the IO monad doesn’t seem to be used in real-world Scala/FP
  • A series of lessons on Type Classes
  • A lesson on Lenses (for complex “Update as You Copy” needs)
  • Lessons on concurrency that demonstrate Akka Actors and Scala Futures

It also includes these new appendices:

  • The differences between val and def when creating functions
  • A lesson titled, “Recursion is Great, But ...” which covers the fold and reduce collections’ methods
  • for-expression translation examples
  • Algebraic Data Types

I expect that the next release of the book will contain less than twenty new pages, and it will be the final release.

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Buying the book

Here are some important things to know before you buy the book:

  • While it’s in good enough shape to explain concepts like functors and monads, I still consider this to be an “alpha” release.
  • When you buy the PDF, you’ll get free updates to it as soon as they become available.

You can buy the book at this link:

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One more thing

I’m glad to say this:

2% of the profits will be donated to The Scala Center.

This is a small way to “pay it forward,” and show my gratitude to the creators of the Scala language and the Scala community.

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If you’d like to preview the book before buying it, you can choose from these two options:

Note that the original name of the book was, “Learning Functional Programming in Scala,” so you will see that name referenced in those resources.

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Some time in the future ...

I hope to have a hardcopy version of the book available by December, 2017, but at this point all of my efforts are going into cleaning up the PDF and Kindle versions of the book.

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It is an awesome book, I really enjoy reading it.

Page 240 of the 0.1.2 PDF version of this book

"... such as the earlier sum function - its type would be shown like this:

Map[(Int, Int) => Int]"

I think the type should be

(Int, Int) => Int


The gum road website allowed my to download the new revision today with no difficulties. Thank you for posting the earlier version to read and I appreciated being able to purchase the book.

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