free software applications by alvin alexander

The following software applications have been created by Alvin Alexander of, and are available for download from our website (or will be available for download in the near future).

Hide your desktop icons

Hyde is a small software application for Mac OS X systems that lets you "hide your desktop and desktop icons" so you can focus on your foreground work. If your Mac desktop is cluttered, this app is for you.


Teleport is a free Unix/Linux shell script that serves as a replacement for the traditional Unix/Linux "cd" command. Teleport is just like the cd command, but with a memory -- and that makes a huge difference.

JustWrite is a free Mac OS X text editor that fills the entire screen to eliminate all distractions. It's just you and the words -- if you can handle it. :) JustWrite also includes several other innovative features, including the ability to automatically complete words, and increase and decrease font sizes with a simple keystroke.

X/Y Locator
X/Y Locator is a small, free Mac OS X application that lets you determine the X/Y coordinates of an object on the screen, as well as the RGB values at that pixel location.

If you're a Mac OS X user, and you're looking for a simple timer application that plays a "gong" sound at the end of that time period, our free Meditation application may be just what you're looking for.


AGT - Agile GUI Testing
Our open source Agile, Automated GUI Testing (AGT) software lets you write scripts to create all sorts of GUI software applications -- including web applications and thick client applications -- on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. Check our AGT page for YouTube videos and links to sample GUI testing scripts.


Nagios Web Interface
I'll have to come up with a better name for this app, but the Nagios Web UI application is a web-based application that lets a non-techie (non-programmer or non-sysadmin) user manage the Nagios configuration files. The web interface is written with Java and JSF. It lets users define their settings, stores the data in a Nagios MySQL database, and then tests and updates the Nagios configuration files when the user presses a "Publish" button.


Coming soon. Imagen is a free Mac OS X application that lets you save, display, and manipulate images in a unique way.


Coming soon. NetAssist is a free Mac OS X application that lets you debug networking problems on your Mac OS X system. Really, what it does is help answer the question, "What the heck is my computer doing right now, and why does it seem slower than usual?"


Coming some time soon ... probably. FPTracker is a small application to help you count Function Points for software applications.


Coming some time soon ... possibly. MiniMe is an open source application that can help manage and track the things in your life. A personal information manager (PIM), with a few unique twists.