How to create and use multi-dimensional arrays (2D, 3D, etc.) in Scala

Here's a quick look at how to create a multi-dimensional array in Scala, in this case a 2D array (matrix), and then access the array elements. As you can see, these commands were issued using the Scala REPL, and I've added a few comments to them:

// create a 2D array
scala> val matrix = Array.ofDim[Int](2,2)
matrix: Array[Array[Int]] = Array(Array(0, 0), Array(0, 0))

// populate the array elements
scala> matrix(0)(0) = 0

scala> matrix(0)(1) = 1

scala> matrix(1)(0) = 2

scala> matrix(1)(1) = 3

// access a couple of array elements
scala> matrix(0)(1)
res4: Int = 1

scala> matrix(1)(0)
res5: Int = 2

If you ever need to create a multidimensional array in Scala, I hope this example is helpful.