Retro iMac 2002 to 2004 model (iMac G4)

One thing I wish Apple would do is to come out with a “retro iMac” version, using this style that they used in the 2002 through 2004 iMac design:

iMac G4

An iMac design like this would be perfect for my kitchen area, especially if it had a touchscreen.

As I’ve written on my website, I’ve created a “Mac Siri” app that runs on all current Mac OS X computers, including any MacBook or iMac, but it won’t run on the 2002-2004 iMac, because those systems didn’t use Intel processors, and also aren’t powerful enough.

My app can do things like play iTunes, play DVD movies, read web pages, get the current weather, and much more, so my Mac Siri software, combined with this retro/vintage iMac design, would bean awesome device in any kitchen.