SQLite scripts: How to read/execute a SQLite script

SQLite script FAQ: How do I read/execute a CREATE TABLES script from the SQLite command line? (How do I read or execute commands in a file from the sqlite3 command line?)


Many times when you’re working with a SQLite database, you’ll keep all your CREATE TABLE SQL commands in a database script, which you'll then execute from your database server command line prompt. The file of database commands you execute is often referred to as a "script", or in this case, a "SQLite script".

How to execute a SQLite script (file)

SQLite is no different, and assuming your CREATE TABLE commands are in a file named create.sql, you can execute your script from the SQLite command line using the .read command from inside your SQLite command shell, like this:

sqlite> .read create.sql

As the name of the command implies, this command reads your SQLite script/file and executes all of the command in it.

On a related note, if you need an example SQLite script to work with, please see my SQLite create table examples article.