Apple's Lion Mac Java support

The other important piece of news from the Apple OpenJDK announcement this morning is that the new Mac OS X "Lion" operating system will continue to support Java, and specifically the Apple Lion Java implementation will be provided by Apple. Here's a statement from the Apple press release:

Apple also confirmed that Java SE 6 will continue to be available from Apple for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the upcoming release of Mac OS X Lion. Java SE 7 and future versions of Java for Mac OS X will be available from Oracle.

I have no idea how the Lion Mac Java SE 6 to SE 7 transition from Apple to Oracle will work for you and your customers, but that's the news as we know it today. As mentioned in my earlier Apple Mac Java "new graphical client" article, it appears that some of this transition strategy comes from Apple using unpublished API calls in their current Mac Java implementation that they don't want to make public.

Here's a link to the Apple press release so you can read more about this Mac Java Lion and OpenJDK announcement.