Apple MacBook discounts - Check Apple's refurbished store

Apple MacBook discounts/sales news: Just a quick note here that if you're looking for discounted Apple MacBook computers and other Apple products, take a look at Apple's refurbished store. As I continue shopping for new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, I just stumbled across the "refurbished" page in the Apple Store, where they have big savings on most MacBook and iMac models, as well as other Apple products.

For instance, they currently have these MacBook discounts:

  • $480 off a 2.66GHz MacBook Pro,
  • $270 off a 2.4GHz MacBook Pro, and
  • Up to $250 off refurbished MacBook Air models.

At first I thought these MacBook discounts might be a bit of a scam, but most of the models are very recent. For instance, they have a refurbished version of the exact MacBook Air model I want, which was released in October, 2010. It's a 13.3" MacBook Air with 4GB RAM and 128 GB SSD drive for $1,189. The same new model costs $1,399, or $210 more, and the MBA design hasn't changed since that time.

MacBook and iMac discounts include one-year warranty

After looking at these MacBook discounts I wrote a friend of mine, and he told me he's bought several refurbished MacBook and iMac models over the years and had no problems with them. I generally prefer things new, but with these big discounts, I'm very tempted to buy a refurbished MacBook Air instead of a new one. These models also come with a one-year warranty, which is also nice.

I don't know if this link will change over time, but here's a link to Apple's refurbished Mac page. If that link doesn't work at some point in the future, just go to the normal Apple Store page, and then search for "refurbished", and click that link.