iPad price drops; iPad 2 coming soon?

I just read on techradar that both T-Mobile and Orange have reduced their iPad prices, most likely to reduce inventory for a new iPad 2 model. This is of particular interest to me, because I've been reading a lot of books with the Kindle software lately, and I'd like to buy an iPad soon to make that reading experience more enjoyable.

Currently I'm reading books using the Kindle software on my MacBook Pro, which isn't exactly ideal. I also don't want to buy a Kindle, because the technical books I read usually have tables, charts, and graphs that won't display there. I've also been reading the books at night on my iPhone, which again isn't at all ideal.

iPad price drops

Back to the iPad price drops and iPad 2 rumors, Orange and T-Mobile seem to be reducing their iPad WiFi + 3G models to ninety-nine pounds, for a discount of over one-hundred pounds. (Both companies require data subscriptions of 24-plus months for these prices.) As the author on the website suggests, these two vendors could be offering an iPad sale just because their nice guys, or the usual reason -- they want to clear out existing inventory as a new model is coming to market.

I just checked BestBuy and Amazon, and they're not offering any sales or out of inventory, but interestingly I just read that Amazon is firing up their "Kindle is easier to read than iPad" commercials again. (Here's a link to one version of this story on TechCrunch.)

Here's a link to the iPad 2 story on techradar.com.