A typical day in the life of an iPhone owner

The iPhone really has a way of changing your day. Zealous over-statement you say? Let's explore it.

First, let's take a look at a typical day in the life of an iPhone owner:

  1. I use the iPhone as an alarm clock and wake up to whatever sounds I want to hear. I currently wake up to "Tonight, tonight, tonight" by Genesis, but you can use whatever song or sound clip you'd like to hear.
  2. After turning off the alarm but still in bed, I check on my websites and read the overnight email.
  3. I connect it to my Altec Lansing iM600 and listen to Pandora radio or a podcast while shaving.
  4. I plug it into my car stereo and listen to Pandora radio again while driving to a doctor's appointment.
  5. I surf the web while waiting to see the doctor. Finding an interesting story, I forward the link in an email to a friend.
  6. I listen to podcasts on the drive to work.
  7. During the work day I visit any website I want without having to go through Websense.
  8. I write miscellaneous "to do" notes throughout the day.
  9. Listen to Pandora or use it as an iPod if I'm going to be at my desk for a while.
  10. I'll read online news or play a video game if I'm going to be in the crapper for a few minutes.
  11. During the day I also receive "push" notifications from all of my email accounts.
  12. I watch a YouTube video during a break.
  13. I irritate other people with a variety of annoying ringtones. :)
  14. Gasp -- I listen to several YouTube music videos on the drive home (okay, okay, the traffic was light last night).
  15. I use it as a timer during nightly meditation.
  16. I use it as a flashlight while walking around the house in the dark.

That's a pretty reasonable, pretty typical day with an iPhone -- and I don't even use any SMS (text messaging) features.

By contrast, here's what a typical day with my previous phone was like:

  1. If it rang and I could find it I'd usually answer it.
  2. If I needed to make a call I'd see if I could find it.

Big difference? I'll let you make that call.