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About These Drupal Source Code Examples

This "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project is intended to help you "Learn Drupal by Example". We've included hundreds of Drupal source code examples from Open Source Drupal projects, organized them into their own folders, and put a custom search engine on top of them (coming soon) that will take you right to the source code line numbers of relevant examples.

Beginning in 2011, a portion of the revenue from the ads in this Drupal source code warehouse project will be used to help support Drupal open source projects. Hopefully this helps to create a nice cycle where open source code leads to ad revenue, which is fed back into open source projects.

Why this Drupal source code warehouse exists

Quite simply this Drupal source code project exists because we are great believers in "Learning by Example". For instance, how many times have you made statements like this:

Using that last example, suppose you don't know much about the new Drupal 7 API. In this case our Drupal source code warehouse can help. Just put your Drupal search keywords into our search form, and we'll find as many relevant Drupal source code examples as we can find, from real world working Drupal projects and modules.

In summary, we think this warehouse will help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

Search the Drupal Source Code Warehouse

To search the warehouse, visit our main Drupal Source Code Warehouse page.




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