Jeyes, a Java version of Xeyes

Jeyes, a Java version of Xeyes

In my spare time back in 2011 I created a Java version of the old Unix/X-Windows “Xeyes” application. If you ever used Xeyes, you know it as a set of eyes that are displayed on-screen, and follow the mouse cursor as you move it around.

Now in 2019 I just brought it back to life, and here’s a 56-second video that shows how it works:

If for some reason that video doesn’t work, you can see it at this YouTube link.

The app currently only works on MacOS, but it can probably be ported to Linux and Windows systems by anyone motivated. The source code is pretty rough — I wrote it in less than two days back in 2011 — but if you want to build it or improve it, you can find the code here:

As you can see there, the build works with SBT/Assembly and the app-packaging process uses javapackager.

Feel free to fork it, clean it up, improve it, etc.