MySQL Java mappings (Decimal to BigDecimal, etc.)

As I get back into working with a MySQL database in a Java (Scala, actually) development project and also in adding functionality to Cato, I found these MySQL to Java data type mappings, via this link:

MySQL Type      Java Type
----------      ---------
CHAR            String
VARCHAR         String
NUMERIC         java.math.BigDecimal
DECIMAL         java.math.BigDecimal
BIT             boolean
TINYINT         byte
SMALLINT        short
INTEGER         int
BIGINT          long
REAL            float
FLOAT           double
DOUBLE          double
BINARY          byte[]
VARBINARY       byte[]
DATE            java.sql.Date
TIME            java.sql.Time
TIMESTAMP       java.sql.Tiimestamp

I’ll add more notes here as I have something to add.

Java, MySQL, decimal, and BigDecimal

I also found these notes that specifically relate to Java, MySQL, decimal, and BigDecimal mappings:

The recommended Java mapping for the DECIMAL and NUMERIC types is java.math.BigDecimal. The java.math.BigDecimal type provides math operations to allow BigDecimal types to be added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided with other BigDecimal types, with integer types, and with floating point types.

The method recommended for retrieving DECIMAL and NUMERIC values is ResultSet.getBigDecimal. JDBC also allows access to these SQL types as simple Strings or arrays of char. Thus, Java programmers can use getString to receive a DECIMAL or NUMERIC result. However, this makes the common case where DECIMAL or NUMERIC are used for currency values rather awkward, since it means that application writers have to perform math on strings. It is also possible to retrieve these SQL types as any of the Java numeric types.

Again, I’ll add more notes here as I learn more.