A collection of 75+ free Linux tutorials

Free Unix and Linux tutorials: Wow, this blog post makes me feel a little old. As I've been working on reorganizing the website lately, I found that I've written more than seventy-five Unix and Linux tutorials. To try to make them easier to find, I created this page to link most of them up.

So, to that end, here is a list of at least 75 free Unix and Linux tutorials I've written. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they're helpful.

Basic Unix and Linux commands

This is a list of tutorials about Linux commands I use every day:

Linux disk space tutorials

Here are a few articles related to Linux disk space use:

Unix and Linux search commands (find, locate, grep)

Linux grep command examples:

Linux find command examples:

Linux locate command examples:

Unix and Linux archive commands

All of these Unix and Linux commands are related to creating and accessing backup files, or archives. The Linux tar command is the most common archive command, and is often combined with gzip, as shown in many of these tutorials:

Other slightly advanced Unix and Linux commands

Here are some slightly more advanced Linux command tutorials. If you're new to Unix and Linux, the first article on "Unix pipe commands" is actually something you need to know about very early in your command line career:

Unix and Linux shell script examples

Very popular:

Looping examples:

Other programs/commands, like Java, MySQL, and wget:

A few more:

Linux sed (stream editor) command examples

The Linux sed command lets you apply editing commands to files without opening the file with an editor. You basically say "I want to run these commands on these files", and sed does the work for you:

Other Unix and Linux tutorials

This is a collection of miscellaneous Linux tutorials that didn't fit into the categories listed above:

Online Linux help (Linux man page docs)

Linux tutorial collection summary

Phew, that's a list of the best Unix and Linux tutorials on our website at this time. If you have any suggestions for additionals tutorials just leave a comment below, and I'll see what I can do.