Java in the Mac App Store? Not.

Mac App Store/Java News: I just saw some posts on the Mac Java-dev mailing list wondering whether Java apps will be allowed in Apple's new Mac App Store. The short answer: No.

As I was looking for a definitive answer myself, another person posted the Java Mac App store answer:

"Apps must contain all language support in a single app bundle (single binary multiple language).

Apps that spawn processes that continue to run after a user has quit the app without user consent will be rejected.

Apps that use deprecated or optionally installed technologies (e.g., Java, [PowerPC code requiring] Rosetta) will be rejected."

I remember writing about this way back when Apple deprecated Mac Java support, but couldn't remember the exact answer, but there it is.

Thanks: This Java Mac App Store answer comes courtesy of Jim Douglas on Apple's current Java-dev mailing list (which I assume is also deprecated), and this AppleInsider story.