Mac apps I use (late 2011 edition)

In an earlier post I wrote about Mac freeware applications, and now, as I'm still recovering from having the solid state drive (SSD) fail in my MacBook Air (MBA), I thought I'd make a list of the Mac applications I just had to reinstall on my MacBook Air.

Here then, in no particular order, is the list of Mac software applications I just reinstalled:


  • Chrome - the Chrome browser from Google
  • Firefox - the Firefox web browser

I also use a few plugins with each browser, mostly related to ad blocking. I don't remember their names at the moment.

Software and web development apps

  • MAMP - Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Textmate - text editor
  • Eclipse - a programmer's IDE
  • FastIcns - icns file creator
  • Filezilla - FTP client
  • Scala - programming language
  • JRuby - programming language
  • SmartGit - a Git client I use on open source projects
  • Gimp - image editor
  • SnapNDrag - Mac screenshots app
  • Sea Monkey - includes the best, free Mac HTML editor
  • Wikistar (a text editor I wrote for my own use)
  • XCode - for Mac OS X programming

Apps that make the Mac better

These apps don't fit into any one category, though I guess most of them make the Mac easier to use:

  • Hyde - hide your desktop
  • Sizzling Keys - control iTunes from the keyboard
  • Yemu Zip - a better way to make zip files
  • Shades - better control over Mac screen brightness
  • Growl - better Mac notifications
  • iStat Menus - very nice system information (memory, cpu, and network use monitors)

Mac productivity apps

  • Kindle Reader
  • iWork
  • Teleport - a command I wrote to replace the Unix cd command

I've probably forgotten a couple of apps, but those are the ones that comes to mind. The cool thing is that almost all of them are free.