Mac Safari shortcuts

Mac Safari shortcuts FAQ: What are the most common Mac Safari shortcuts (Mac Safari keyboard shortcuts)?

Here's a quick list of the most common Mac Safari shortcuts (Mac Safari keyboard shortcuts):

[Command][L]       Put focus in the Safari address/URL field
[Alt][Command][F]  Put focus in the Google search field

[Command][N]       Create a new window
[Command][T]       Create a new tab

Note that you don't have to use capital letters with these Safari shortcuts; I just used them because they are easier to read than their lowercase equivalents (especially the 'l' versus 'L').

The Safari shortcuts for the address field and Safari search field are probably the most asked Mac Safari shortcuts. If it helps to know it, these same Safari keyboard shortcuts also work in Firefox and Chrome, so if you learn these keyboard shortcuts for one Mac browser, they will work in all of them.

Standard Mac application keyboard shortcuts

Beyond those Mac Safari shortcuts, there are also standard Mac application shortcuts that you can use with Safari. These are Mac keyboard shortcuts that work with almost all Mac OS X software applications:

[Command][W]       Close the current Safari window or tab
[Command][Q]       Quit the current Mac Safari application
[Command][M]       Minimize the Safari browser window
[Command][H]       Hide the Safari browser window

Mac Safari shortcuts (Safari keyboard shortcuts) - Summary

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