Facebook use drops 50%

Wow, I knew I was upset at Facebook for all these recent privacy and security changes, but having given it a few days to settle down, I'll now estimate that my friend's postings on Facebook have dropped 50% over the last week -- and probably more than that.

I haven't asked anyone yet, but I'll assume they have the same concerns about Facebook privacy and security that I do, and they're all going to different ways of communicating (i.e. life before Facebook). To support that assertion, I'll also say that the emails I've received from my friends has also risen over the last week, though I don't think it's quite 50%.

Facebook content -- games and self-promotion

Interestingly -- other than all that crappy Facebook game output which I have to block (one application at a time) -- the only things most people post on Facebook any more are related to business promotion. Most posts I see are like this: "[I just wrote this on my blog|We're releasing this new product], here's a link to it".

As for me, I've switched my emphasis back to my Twitter account. Yes, there is a lot of self-promotion on Twitter, too, but there are also a lot of links to great reads, and the people at Twitter aren't playing with my privacy and content like it's their personal toy.

Related Facebook posts

Just as I looked at Twitter, I saw this post: Facebook is dying, social is not.

PC World reports that Facebook's anti-privacy backlash is gaining ground, and 15 consumer protection groups have files complaints against Facebook.

Best yet, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reports a timeline of Facebook's eroding privacy policy.