Useful investing resources (visual, charts and graphs)

In addition to Yahoo Finance and Seeking Alpha — my usual haunts — the following stock/investing websites look interesting, and may have the kind of visual information I’m looking for.

2023 updates

These are some updated links from my work in 2023.

Insider buying:

Stock screeners:

These are the best links I’ve found so far:

I found a PDF that says they have over 450K unique monthly visitors, 1.2M past and present customers, and 42.5M monthly page views.

This is what their list of sparklines for 10 stocks looks like:

Best links I’ve found so far:

This is a sample of what their data looks like (you need to set up a free account to see some of these things):

Best links I’ve found so far:

This is what one of their maps looks like:

Non-visual resources

Other good non-visual resources:

What I want

I made a few notes last night of what I really want right now, and that list includes:

  • In general I want visual push notifications that can then be followed up with good data. That’s why I like the idea of sparklines.
  • I want new ideas of things to invest in.
  • I want to a simple way to keep an eye on current investments (push, not pull).
  • I need to have some sort of quarterly goals, such as dividend income, or something else.
  • Example: Right now I want to keep an eye on W.W. Grainger, Exxon, and Ford.

I do use Google alerts on companies/stocks I’m interested in, and I want more push information like that. If some resource could push me the sparklines I want on a daily basis, I’d pay for that.