Ruby developer jobs

During the past year I've worked with all sorts of programming languages, technologies, and frameworks, including Ruby and Rails; Java, Spring, Struts, and JSF; and PHP, CakePHP, and Drupal.

Lately I've been curious about the programming job market for each of these languages, so I've been looking at various websites, looking to see what sort of developer jobs are available for each technology.

This morning I'm focusing on Ruby, and Ruby on Rails, trying to find Ruby/Rail developer jobs at and Here are the results of today's Ruby Rails jobs search.

Ruby developer jobs at CareerBuilder

Looking first at CareerBuilder, I searched for the Ruby developer keywords shown below, with the following results:

  • Ruby - 426 job postings
  • Ruby Rails - 307 job postings
  • Ruby on Rails - 122 job postings

If you're looking for a Ruby developer job/career, these are fairly encouraging results. Of course I wish there were thousands of Ruby developer jobs, but a few hundred Ruby programming jobs isn't too bad, especially when usually shows more jobs than CareerBuilder.

Ruby/Rails developer jobs at DICE

Digging around a little more, I used a semi-secret URL for the website. DICE is essentially a contract programming shop, so I thought I'd see what they sort of Ruby developer jobs they had to offer. I searched for the following Ruby job descriptions, with the following results:

  • Ruby - 709 job postings
  • Ruby Rails - 340 job postings
  • Ruby on Rails - 337 job postings

As usual, Dice shows more developer job listings than CareerBuilder. It's not too important, but an interesting thing to note here is that Dice seems to handle the last two search terms much better than CareerBuilder; the search results are almost identical for the last two terms here. This makes me feel like their search algorithm is smarter.

Ruby developer jobs - summary

I'm actually pleasantly surprised by how many "Ruby developer jobs" are available these days. You'd think in the middle of a recession with over 10% unemployment there would be far fewer Ruby job opportunities, but these numbers are pleasantly surprising.

I'll try to come back here again soon and try to match these developer jobs up with some salary numbers, but at least for today, this is what I know about the Ruby developer job market.