What's new in Scala 2.10

Just a quick note that Scala 2.10.0 was released recently, and the following page, Scala 2.10.0 now available, contains a nice summary of what's new in the official Scala 2.10 release. The short list of new features includes:

  • Value Classes
  • Implicit Classes
  • String Interpolation
  • Futures and Promises
  • Dynamic and applyDynamic
  • Dependent Method Types
  • New ByteCode Emitter
  • New Pattern Matcher
  • Scaladoc Improvements
  • Modularized Language Features
  • Akka Actors are now part of the Scala distribution
  • More ...

The are also two experimental features in the Scala 2.10 release:

  • Scala Reflection
  • Macros

See the link in the first paragraph for more on what's new in Scala 2.10.