Functional Programming in Depth

Welcome, this is the first page of my new free video course, Functional Programming in Depth.

At some point I’ll add an introductory video here, but for today I’ll just say that this course picks up where my earlier Introduction to Functional Programming video course left off. If you haven’t seen that video course, please check it out, as in this course I assume that you have watched those videos.

This course is heavily based on my book, Functional Programming, Simplified. That being said, you won’t need to buy that book because I show all the relevant pages as we go through this course.

In this course I spend a lot of time demonstrating how to manually “bind” pure functions together, and during that time I’ll take you through everything you need to know for that, and we’ll do things like create custom Scala types to work in for expressions.

At the end, when we’ve covered everything you need to know, we’ll start writing ZIO 2 FP applications.

NOTE 1: Most of the text that accompanies the videos is also from my “Functional Programming, Simplified” book.

NOTE 2: The PDF version of my book, Learn Functional Programming The Fast Way, is now free!

Other lessons you might like (or need)

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