iPad Java support - Funny Apple iPad comment

Many thanks to Tristan and Bob for a great laugh on an Apple Java email thread concerning iPad Java support:

Question - Will the iPad have the great Java support that regular desktops and laptops have, or will we Java developers be SOL, like we are with the iPhone?

Answer - The iPad Java support will consist of iJavaZap - a device which psionically detects whether the user is a Java developer and then electrocutes him/her with a 20000 volt AC shock.

This iPad Java thread continues on for a little while, but this first part of it really made me laugh.

If you've stumbled on this page, and you're not aware of it, there is no "iPhone Java" support, and as this thread implies, there is no iPad Java support either. Folks can cry all they want about the lack of iPhone/iPad Flash support, but Java developers have been left out of the iOS picture since Day 1.

(Note that when this was first written I/we were referring to this new device as the iSlate, but Apple used the name iPad instead.)

You can find more great Apple/Mac/Java questions and answers like this on Apple's Java-dev mailing list. :)