Apple rejects Pulitzer Prize winner, then recants

Too funny ... Apple rejects Mark Fiore's iPhone application "because it included cartoons that ridiculed public figures." Fiore then wins the Pulitzer Prize, and mentions the next day that his iPhone app was rejected.

Immediately Apple "encourages" Mr. Fiore to re-submit his app for consideration in the App Store. (Do you think Apple will "approve" him now?)

Here are some more notes from the New York Times article where I just read about this:

When his NewsToons app, which displays his weekly animated cartoons, was developed, Mr. Fiore said he had not heard of "the whole concept of getting rejected for ridiculing public figures."

"That’s what I do. That’s my life!" he said. "That’s a tough one to get around if you’re a political cartoonist."

I look forward to Mr. Fiore creating a cartoon mocking the App Store approval process.

And I'm also reminded of the phrase, "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely."

Here's a link to the New York Times article.