How to convert a DRM-protected song to an MP3

I've never bought any DRM protected (digital rights management) music, so although it's a well-known fact among techies, I didn't know until recently that you can burn DRM songs to a standard CD. The implication here is that once you've burned the DRM-protected song to CD, you can then rip it back as an MP3 file, which is the part that blows me away. Not much protection there, other than "security through obscurity".

Now, if you're really cool, you don't even need a CD, you just need software that emulates a CD, so you just burn the DRM-protected song to a fake/software CD, then rip it back as an MP3, thereby saving the expense of a CD, and being more green (while quite probably breaking some law). (Hey, is it legal for me to explain how other people break the law?)