How to put a custom title on a Windows command window

I'm currently working on a suite of Java and Ruby applications that, in short, require me to keep a number of Microsoft Windows command/cmd (DOS) windows open at one time. Because of this, I like for each command/DOS window to have a unique, custom name in its title bar.

Fortunately, it's easy to open a DOS command window with a custom name in the title bar. First, just open a DOS window (click Start, then Run..., then enter "cmd"), then type a command like this:


For example, I usually have at least three DOS windows open at one time, and I name them BUILD, TOMCAT, and FTP. I start those three windows like this:

start "BUILD"

and then

start "TOMCAT"

and finally:


As mentioned, this opens three different DOS/command windows with the titles BUILD, TOMCAT, and GLASSFISH.

As a final note, you don't need to use all caps when creating the window titles, I just do it because they stand out more when I [Alt][Tab] between the open windows.