Keystroke combination to minimize a Microsoft Windows window

One thing I like about Mac OS X is that it's very easy to minimize an open application window using just the keyboard. Just use the [Apple][M] keystroke when you're focused on a window you want to minimize, and the window shrinks down to the dock. When I work on a Microsoft Windows computer at work this is a feature I really miss.

There is no obvious way on Microsoft Windows using just the keyboard to minimize an open window. You can type something like [Windows][D] to display the desktop, but that minimizes every window simultaneously, and that's not what I want.

Key sequence to minimize a window

The one way I have found to minimize a window on Microsoft Windows using only the keyboard is a brief sequence of keystrokes: [Alt][spacebar], followed by [N]. The first part of that command ([Alt][spacebar]) opens the menu on the upper-left side of the window, and the second part of the command (the letter N), selects the Minimize option from that menu.