Revenue per employee in the computer industry

As I get ready to release my new website on How I Sold My Business, I did some research on revenue per employee, specifically revenue per employee in the computer services industry.

As it turns out, there are all sorts of good information sites on the internet. Probably the most consistent source of information is the Fortune Magazine site, specifically these two links:

When you combine those two sources of information you can find:

  • CACI generates $169K revenue per employee
  • EDS (now HP) generates $131K revenue per employee
  • Perot Systems (now Dell Services) generates $108K revenue per employee

As computer services companies go, other websites show that Accenture revenue per employee is either $133K or $155K.

Revenue per Employee - Apple, Google, Microsoft

If you want to have fun with the Revenue Per Employee statistic, take a look at this spreadsheet on Google docs. There you'll see:

  • Apple and Google generate about $1.2 million in revenue per employee.
  • Microsoft generates about $628K in revenue per employee.
  • IBM and Oracle are way down there in the $220K and $230K revenue per employee range.
  • Accenture is way down there at about $131K per employee.

As you can gather from all these statistics, computer service companies make a nice income, but businesses who sell products have a much higher revenue potential. That being said, "Profit per Employee" may be an even more important statistic, but I'll have to cover that in a separate article.