How to unhide Facebook friends

Unhide Facebook friends FAQ: How do I unhide Facebook friends?

In a hurry recently -- and not wanting to see the output of yet another Facebook game (why can't I hide all Facebook games?) -- I accidentally hid one of my Facebook friends. After poking around for quite a while I finally figured out how to unhide them. Here's how to do it.

How to unhide a Facebook friend

To unhide a Facebook friend, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Go to your main Facebook page (
  • Scroll down to the bottom of that page. The way their UI works right now, you'll have to scroll down several times, as the page keeps updating itself. But after three or four scroll attempts you'll finally be able to see the bottom of the page.
  • On the bottom of this page, click the "Edit Options" link.
  • That link brings up a dialog like the one shown below. Just use that dialog to unhide your Facebook friends, close the dialog, and you'll be back in business.

Here's the dialog that lets you unhide Facebook friends:

How to unhide Facebook friends

(Don't forget to Save your changes.)

Update: An easier way

I just saw that there's another, quicker way to un-hide Facebook friends:

  • Click the "Most Recent" link at the top of your News Feed.
  • When you do so you'll see a triangle icon pointing down next to the Most Recent link. Click that triangle icon, then 
  • Select the Edit Options menu item, which brings up the same menu shown above.

This is an easier way to unhide Facebook friends (if not fairly well hidden by the user interface).

How to unhide Facebook friends - Summary

I hope this tip on how to unhide Facebook friends has been helpful. If they change their UI in the future and this tip no longer works, just let me know, and I'll update it.