Key and Peele East/West College Bowl 2, list of names

Yes college football fans, it’s that time of year again. Key & Peele have released their list of names for the East-West College Bowl 2. Once again I jotted down the list of names from their video, and include them below, after the video. Enjoy!

Key & Peele: East/West College Bowl Game #2 (video)

First up, here’s their new “East/West College Bowl” video:

(If you didn’t understand why that last player is in there, there’s more on him below.)

Key and Peele: East/West College Bowl 2: List of Names

For your further enjoyment, I jotted down the list of names for the Key & Peele East/West College Bowl 2. Here’s the list:

--- EAST ---

Coznesster Smiff / Rutgers University
Elipses Corter / University of Alabama
Nyquillus Dillwad / LSU
Bismo Funyuns / Florida State University
Decatholac Mango / Georgia Tech University
Mergatroid Skittle / University of Louisville
Quiznatodd Bidness / University of Tennessee
D'Pez Poopsie / Ol' Miss University
Quackadilly Blip / Auburn University
Goolius Boozler / The U
Bisquiteen Trisket / University of Michigan
Fartrell Cluggins / Arkansas University
Blyrone Blashinton / Syracuse University
Cartoons Plural / Virginia Tech University
Jammie Jammie-Jammie / The Ohio State University
Fudge / (No school given)

--- WEST ---

Equine Ducklings / Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Dahistorius Lamystorius / Utah State University
Ewokoniad Sigourneth JuniorStein / Oklahoma State University
Eqqsnuizitine Buble-Schwinslow / University of Nebraska
Huka'lakanaka Hakanakaheekalucka'hukahakafaka / University of Hawaii
King Prince Chambermaid / Baylor University
Ladennifer Jadaniston / University of Colorado
Ladadadaladadadadada Dala-Dadaladaladalada / University of Arizona
Harvard University / DeVry University
Morse Code / Army Navay Surplus Store
Wingdings / Online Classes
Firstname Lastname / College University
God / Home schooled
Squeeeeeeeeeeps / Santa Monica College
Benedict Cumberbatch / Oxford University
A.A. Ron Balakay / Morehouse College

A’Aron and the Substitute Teacher

If you thought the last player in the second Key/Peele Bowl Game video was unusual, you’ll understand it after watching their “Substitute Teacher” video, which I’ve included below:

The first Key & Peele Bowl Game video

Finally, if you missed the first Key & Peele Bowl Game video and its list of names, I wrote about those last year:

For more videos, here’s a link to the Key and Peele website.